choose a path 6

A breakthrough!!!!!!!!!!

Someone must have mentioned to the HR department that I was still alive and still here because late today some skinny little, scared looking, short skirt wearing HR girlie dropped by my office and handed me a data pad full of useful things I need to know, another data pad with the employment contract, another data pad with the Imperial Employment Rules and Regulations, guidelines and other useful information, a data pad with my health and work benefits ( there was a separate one for the forms I need to fill out and sign) and a data pad of my banking information and payment schedual. She asked if I would sign the contract then and there and I told her no, I would read it first thank-you, that much I learned from working at Jabba the Hutt’s, ALWAYS, always read the fine print! She got quite put out and started to seriously argue with me about it until I said ‘Perhaps you’d like to take this up with Lord Vader.’

She turned very pale, shut up right away, mumbled something about welcome to the fold and scurried out of my office as fast as she could.

I was begining to see some serious advantages already to working for this man. I wondered if I should have started wearing black.

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