Secrets, Lies and Things left Unsaid 8

I woke to the sound of a raging storm outside. Thunder and lighting seared the sky and shook the house. The wind howled and for a moment I had no idea where I was. The disorientation of sleeping like the dead made me slow and as I swung myself out of bed, I wondered how exactly had I gotten there. I had no memory of actually going to bed. I was still completely dressed with the exception of my boots. I sat for a moment on the edge of the bed shaking off the sleep that refused to go. I felt as though I was trying to claw my way up from some murky river.

With a yawn I made my way to the kitchen. What I needed was Jawa juice. While that brewed I sat at the breakfast bar. Only after staring at it for about five minutes did I notice the envelope with my name on it, Thrawn’s handwriting, as always, beautiful and perfect. I opened it up and slipped out the letter he had left me.

A’mia Tekari,

I do not pretend to understand why you insist on trying to keep these secrets you carry with you to yourself. They wear you down and burden you. I understand fully that you opened up to me last night only because you were so exhausted and I pushed. I hope that in time it won’t take such extremes for you to trust me. I am not your enemy.
What you spoke to me of last night will remain in confidence. You have not betrayed anyone or anything. There was no information in what you told me that would require me to act upon it and certainly no substantial evidence to support opening any investigation. I would, however, recommend for your own peace of mind that you discuss some of these things with Lord Vader. He is directly responsible for you, your job and would perhaps help you decide a course of action regarding your suspicions about your friend. On a side note, I can assure you that the house you currently live in has no listening devices in it.
I tell you all of this because I know that while you will put on that stoic face of yours, this conflict between you and this man from your past, between your desire to protect your family, your friend and your loyalty to the Empire will tear you apart. Just as a Star ship cannot function with two captains at the helm you will find it is almost impossible to serve two masters, something to consider.
In the next while duty will keep me busy and, more often than not, away but you will always have a way to reach me if you should need to. This frequency for holo transmissions is private and combined with a clearance code (your favourite stone) will ensure your message will be delivered securely to me. If you, as I do, prefer a more old fashioned way of communication, then a man called Jarack Behl. He has been made aware that you might wish to use his services. He will get in touch with you to give you the contact information necessary for you to have letters delivered. He is an Imperial Officer worthy of my trust.
Lastly, I offer something for your consideration. You told me last night that Kirja’navaar’inkjerii had been watching Jyrki and his people for some time before your dancer friend entered the room. They had been waiting for her, you said he told you. The first and perhaps most pressing question that springs to my mind is how did they know she would be there? Where are these people getting their information from?
I have said it before and I will reiterate here. Trust is a delicate matter in our business; it is not given easily or lightly. Be mindful of this, my dear.

I hope that you slept well.


With a cup of Jawa juice in my hand, I sat and stared at his letter reading the same lines over and over again.
‘The first and perhaps most pressing question that springs to my mind is how did they know she would be there? Where are these people getting their information from?’

Where indeed? I knew the only person I had spoken to about what was happening had been Thrawn and I trusted him. So how had Jyrki and his gang known? This was not a good way to begin my day. It was already very late as I had slept in well past my usual get out of bed time and the weather was not helping my mood any. I had decided I wasn’t going to venture out of the house. I was pretty sure that my taking a day off would not be noticed by anyone. I had no illusions about my place in the Empire.

Thrawn was right. I would have to talk about this with Lord Vader, sooner or later. That was a conversation I was not looking forward to. What a mess. I sighed as I folded Thrawn’s letter back up and slipped it into its envelope. I would tuck it away with the other letters I had from him.

Since there was nothing else to be done about it for now I decided to have a bath and at least try to salvage what was left of my day. I hoped that the rest of the time I had left on Naboo would be uneventful and boring but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

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