End of Part1

Here in ends book one of what is supposed to be a trilogy... The story continues here...Daughter of the Empire 2

The PDF files are more or less the origional blog posts somewhat edited for typos etc...though I am sure the clever ones among you will find more... While all Lucas Arts / Star wars characters remain property of their respective owners, my characters and story inventions are mine and I would ask that this be respected.

If you have enjoyed reading this fan fic please feel free to leave a comment.



Lily said...

I luuuuurve your story. Can I have your babies?

No, I mean it. If one person can claim to the "fame" of having me writing again, it's you. *huggle*

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Hugs right back.
We Imperial Girls have to stick together!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent writing, Merlyn!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

THank-you Captain. I am really glad you enjoyed it :)