Strength and passion 1

We were chasing a Corellian Corvette. They were fighting back, the frequent flashes of laser fire illuminated my quarters. I had turned the lights out because it made it easier to watch. The Devastator moved with a silky grace through space, like some huge malevolent creature stalking its prey. I knew with out a doubt that this Corellian ship would lose.

Below us was my home world of Tatooine. It sat in space, a great orange ball of sand and rock. The atmosphere was nothing more than a thin blue line caressing the planet’s surface. For such a hostile place it seemed so very fragile from up here.

Tatoo1 and Tatoo2 were nothing more than brilliant lights against the blackness of the space we were gliding through.On this huge ship, one barely even heard the engines, it was hard to believe we can move so fast. I would never have thought that something so large would be so elegant, but next to the bulky design of the tiny freighter, Devastator was the Prima Donna of space. How could they even hope to out run us?

I had heard from Jorae that there are whispers of plans for an even larger Imperial destroyer. I wondered how it is possible to build a ship even larger than this one. The Empire, it seemed liked its toys big and dangerous.

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